Applyin’ to California

I was never one of those kids that always wanted to go to California.

I never listened to “Dani California” on loop or had musicgasms when “California Girls” came on the radio.

I never had fantasies about being friends with the cast of Rocket Power or sitting next to Tupac singing “California Lovin'” with the top down.

(I did always want to go somewhere warm though–I have killer SAD.)

Anyway, so I transferred to a school in Boston in Fall 2012 from a much less expensive school in Rhode Island. Transferring was something I never planned on doing and I guess the confidence boost somehow made me think I could go to California in the summer for an internship program.

Let me add that “confidence boost” does not equal “enough money to travel” because I, in no way, have enough money to travel.

So at the end of Fall 2011, I applied for the LA internship program thinking I might not get in. The program was geared more towards film majors than lil ol’ lit majors like myself. I also was a transfer student without a GPA so my chances of getting in against my super-smart/snooty/rich competitors were pretty slim.

Until I got this email.

Dear Kelly,


I’m pleased to inform you that you have been chosen to attend the Summer 2012 term at the Los Angeles Center.

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Naturally I did what the only normal person would do: I danced around to “Club Can’t Handle Me” and called my mom.

I accepted the position, but I had a few challenges:

1. Find an internship in a place with mostly film and music companies and gossip columns

2. Find the money to get there.

I obviously got here, but it was a challenge with a few stories along the way. I’ll update more soon and post pictures as well!


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