I’m baaaaaaaaaack.

It’s Britney bitch, and I’m back.


Hello followers, I haven’t seen you since…the great war.

*stares longingly into the distance*

Or since college, I guess. Same thing.

Since I want to do something with my degree other than wipe dust up with it, I said to myself, “Hey, Kelly, you should try blogging again” to which I replied, “Well, Kelly, who’s going to read it? How are you any different than any other ‘twenty-something’ that literally can’t even?” to which I said back, “Fuck if I know, but you might as well try.”

And here we are, thus creating Talking At Myself.

I’ll try to post regularly. I’ll try to refrain from telling you about how all I want to do is eat a whole sleeve of Oreos while sitting on my couch alone Netflix bingeing without a bra on and I haven’t showered in days and men are terrible and I just want cats and I LITERALLY CANNOT. CAN’T EVEN.

Give me a break, ladies.

I’ll catch you on the FLIPPITY FLIP. With a new post…coming up…



Why I’m (Probably) Not Seeing Green Day

Hello again. Haven’t written in a while. I’m fine! I hope you’re all fine too! I’ll try and write more often, but that’s not the point right now, so I’m going to get to that in a second.

I’ve been a semi-fan of Green Day since I was probably about 12 when I heard “Longview” on the radio in middle school. “This is a cool song,” I thought, “but what does ‘dog in heat’ mean?”

I went through a “goth”/”punk rock”/Hot Topic phase the first year or so of high school, where I listened to them and thought, “Man, this is the shit.” I even did a project in ninth grade on how American Idiot was a concept album (which was a pretty awesome project if you ask me). But now, old and wise, my love for the band has seemed to dwindled a little after AI.

I love American Idiot. It’s an album I can listen through the entire way without skipping a song (okay maybe sometimes “Extraordinary Girl”). A few months ago I drove to my cousins’ house an hour away and listened to the album twice straight through in one day and it was just awesome.

Anyway, when they released their following album, 21st Century Breakdown, I found myself being very “eh.”

Their two singles I payed attention to, “Know Your Enemy” and “21 Guns,” didn’t excite me like the songs on the previous album did–granted I didn’t give the album much of a chance, but I didn’t really want to. I listened to “Know Your Enemy” while I was on the elliptical, and eventually just skipped the song whenever it came up on shuffle.

Now Uno!, Dos!, and Tre! are coming out, which I guess is pretty freakin’ impressive for a band. That’s a lot of hard work. I was impressed and kind of excited until I heard “Oh Love” and “Stay the Night.” I don’t really like their new sound (or music videos), but am willing to give them a chance, feeling like I’ve judged them prematurely.

And let’s not forget about the iHeart Radio Music Festival meltdown.

I’m sure people are sick of hearing about it. I get it, he’s human, we’re all human, he probably had some stuff going on…but still.

But when it comes down to it, am I going to possibly take time out of school, find a way to Rhode Island, and spend $75 on one ticket on a band that frankly, doesn’t really tickle my fancy anymore and for a pseudo-British lead singer who boasts that he’s been around since “nineteen-eighty-f-ckin’-eight”?  Probably not.

But then again, my birthday is coming up, and they’re releasing new singles, so who knows?