Thoughts on TWD Premiere.

If you haven’t seen the most recent episode of the Walking Dead: first of all you’re not missing anything and secondly just don’t read this if you plan on watching it.

I’ve unfortunately seen all the episodes of TWD. I loved the first few episodes of the first season and I trudged along with the series until it became slightly interesting in season 3. I was always frustrated at the writing…and acting…and story overall. I thought, maybe season 4 will be better. 


The fact is, America loves zombies. Hell, not even just America, there are people EVERYWHERE that love zombies. It doesn’t take much to get people to watch a  show as long as there are zombies in it most of the time.

The thing that bothers me is that if TWD spent as much time on the writing and storyline as they do on the walkers and makeup and whatever…it might actually be an overall decent show. I’ve yet to read the graphic novels (/comics?), but I’ve played the TellTale Games TWD game and it was phenomenal. So, you know, it is possible to have a good story and blood and guts.

I was disinterested almost the entire premiere. The dialogue was bad, the story was bad (and don’t give me this ‘OH THEY’RE STILL SETTING UP THE SCENE’ crap), and it just wasn’t scary. TWD used to scare me, but they’ve made the mistake from confusing just gross with scary. A walker dangling from it’s intestines by a ceiling? That’s just gross. The scene in season 1 where Rick is on the horse and he is being followed by walkers? That’s scary. That’s unsettling. That’s one of the moments when the show actually tried, in my opinion.

The attempt at character development and subplots were just pathetic. For example:

1. Maggie might be pregnant omg there’s a shot of Glenn looking at a baby frame omg they have a talk about living.

2. Tyreese doesn’t like doing anything apocalyptic-ish. He’s smooching some woman.

3. Carl’s a BIG BOY NOW.

4. Some of the kids are fucked up. LET’S NAME THE WALKING CORPSE NICK. noomgdon’tdoitthatsmean

5. Carol is teaching kids how to use knives and she may or may not have a little thing with Daryl? This is the only part I didn’t mind. I love all the Daryl and Carol shit. Caryl 4evr.

6. The new guy who’s been there for a week is an ex-army medic…and wanted wine real bad. Alcoholic? WHO KNOWS IT’S ANYONE’S GUESS REALLY.

7. Michonne (another character I don’t mind) is going to Macon (ugh I miss the game) and I don’t know why..

8. The kid with the glasses had the flu or something and now he’s dead and he’s going to eat everyone…..but seriously how can he see without his glasses? Do walkers automatically get 20/20 vision when they turn? How does that work really?

Anyway, so I foresee the following episode going either way: Someone will find the nearsighted zombie kid and stab him in the face and they develop new rules~~~~ or he bites everyone and all hell breaks lose and the old guy with the beard (Santa? I forgot his name already?) is sad about losing his crops.

I really don’t know why people watch the show. I really don’t even know why I did. I think it’s because they leave you on a cliffhanger every single episode and I feel obligated to watch it in hopes that the show actually gets better.

It doesn’t.


Also can I just say how infuriated I got after seeing this?



TV viewers make me so sad.

Also, I love how they just threw the baby in at the last second.

Pull yourself together guys.